Hail and well met adventurers!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit. My name is Winona and I run this humble shop for my hand-crafted dice, (coming soon: table-top RPG accessories and other related merchandise.)

I'm a stop-motion animation puppet fabricator and armaturist, metalsmith, and metalsmithing instructor by day, and a dungeon-dwelling, dice-making, evening/weekend warrior by... the evening and weekends I guess!

My journey into dice-making began after I played my very first session of D&D in 2018 or was it 2019? What is time? As you may well know, the thrall of the shiny math rocks was too powerful for a new player like myself to overcome and after thinking, "I wish I could make my own dice," I spent a couple of years thinking and saying that I would. Got adjacent-tracked with designing a dice box and tray accessory and then finally looped back around to designing my dice.

Everything at Nailo Dice has been envisioned and brought to life by me, with a lot of helpful suggestions and friends made along the way. I started with 3D modeling my dice in a program called Rhino. Then had them 3D resin printed by my friend Danie over at DreamFallingDice. After sanding and finishing those masters, I had a couple of co-workers (and D&D party members) who showed me the basics for mold-making. After a lot of testing and modifying of STL files and final master dice from Revel Broker Productions, we've arrived here. It's been a wild journey so far and there's no turning back!

Thank you again for stopping by and reading the story of my journey so far, I hope you'll stay a while and come along for the ride!

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In January of 2023, Nailo Dice has sought assistance in paint-mixing, dice-inking, and photo-styling from Hannah and Lily. Who are amazing humans.

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In 2023, Nailo Dice has Collaborated with @sunny_paints_stuff to offer amazingly crafted, hand-painted dice that are unique and truly beautiful to behold! The extremely talented Sunny has been creating the most unique and delicate little designs and it's truly a treat to see the outcomes of these lil masterpieces!

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Nailo Dice is a solo, POC, Woman-owned business.

Established 2021